Face & Body Painting Painting for Parties and Events

Parties and Events~
Face and painting is a very popular fun form of entertainment for all kinds of parties or events! I can paint about 15 simple arm or face designs an hour and about 10 more elaborate designs an hour. I paint one of a kind designs for each model and customize the design to their age and add detail depending on how long they can sit. In my experience I have found that in many cases very young children prefer to be painted on their arm rather than their, so that they can watch it be painted and enjoy the design all day. (* face and body painting is not recommended for children younger than 18-24 months and I cannot not paint on a child younger than 12 months old)
I can paint most things that are requested. People are surprised that I do not display a menu board or book. The reason for this is that I do not want to be limited to a menu. I like to get inspiration from my models imagination, what they are wearing, or their personality. Sometimes, people just ask for a "surprise"! They are never disappointed!

Promotional Events~
Face and Body Painting is a GREAT way to draw attention! Im most cases I can incorporate a logo into my designs to make the models waking advertisements!